Sit Down With Sweet Melissa’s




Melissa Brown, Owner of Sweet Melissa’s is one of the hidden gems of Cambridge Ma. I have had the opportunity on many occasions to enjoy one of her delicious works of art personally and I felt it wouldn’t be right to keep her all to myself. Here are a few snippets from my Sit Down with Sweet Melissa’s:

ARA: Melissa where did your passion for creating edible art come from?
MB: I actually didn’t have a passion for baking or decorating when I first started out. My mom picked up cake decorating as a hobby while I was in college and when I came home for the summers I would help her out. And from there I realized I was actually pretty good at it. I took a beginners cake decorating class at a local bakery and I’ve loved it ever since.
ARA: How long have you been in business?
MB: I’ve been decorating since 1992, but I finally decided to make a business out of it about 8 years ago.
ARA: What is your favorite part of what you do?
MB: There are a few favorite aspects of decorating that I absolutely love. The first is seeing the expression on my customer’s face when they are seeing the cake. That always makes me feel like I accomplished something great. The second aspect I love is being creative. I was never a creative kid growing up, so to finally find my inner artist is awesome. My mediums are frosting, fondant, gum paste, and modeling chocolate – I love to see what I can create.
ARA: What advice would you give to up and coming cake designers?
MB: “Don’t be afraid to be self taught, I go to the internet often.”

There are many people who enjoy the task of baking, it has even been described by some as a stress reliever, but Melissa is so much more than just a mere baker she is very much a cake designer. Melissa puts her heart and soul into everything she creates from the dreamiest red velvet cupcakes all the way up to her wedding cakes with intricate hand piping and quilting techniques. Sweet Melissa’s specializes in custom birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby shower cakes and cupcakes. You will not be disappointed no matter how small or large the order is. If you have a special event or just a sweet tooth, call Sweet Melissa’s you will not be sorry, but you might want to hurry I am sure she will not be a hidden gem for much longer. Contact Melissa today for your one-of-a-kind cake email her Like Melissa on Facebook to see more of her gorgeous creations here Photo Gallery or visit her website here.






One thought on “Sit Down With Sweet Melissa’s

  1. Melissa Brown has created a few works of art for my family and I some time back. I can see how much more artistic her cakes are becoming and am so proud of her. Because she is in such high demand, you have to book way in advance. So proud of her.

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